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The Honours B.Sc. major in Biochemistry (BIOC) is offered by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, home to many distinguished biochemists, microbiologists, geneticists, and molecular & cellular biologists. The variety of courses will cover everything from the atomic structure of proteins to the organization of cells. Undergraduate laboratories will provide you with many practical skills in manipulating and analyzing biological molecules. In your upper years, you will also have the opportunity to access some of the University of Guelph’s outstanding research labs and facilities. Our biochemistry program provides you with a degree that is truly interdisciplinary, ensuring that upon graduation you have acquired an expertise and proficiency in great demand by employers.

Understanding the biochemistry of molecules is central to all fields of biological and biomedical sciences. The knowledge you attain through this program can lead you into research in many different life science related fields, investigating such research topics as how cardiac muscle proteins are altered as a result of heart failure, or how deadly bacterial toxins enter and kill cells during an infection. It can also prepare you for professional programs such as medicine and pharmacy, or careers in industry and government.  In fact, the biochemistry programs offered through the University of Guelph will not only prepare you for most graduate or professional programs, they will also prepare you for life. Our aim is to give you the opportunity and ultimately the confidence to succeed in any field of science.

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