Bio-Medical Science

The Honours B.Sc. major in Bio-Medical Science is offered jointly by the Departments of Biomedical Sciences and Human Health and Nutritional Sciences. It will provide you with a broad and basic grounding in mammalian and human biology, and includes courses in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, immunology, embryology, pharmacology, histology and epidemiology. In your 3rd or 4th year, under faculty supervision, you may complete an individual research project in a discipline related to your interests. The program is supported and enhanced by a number of facilities on campus, including the Human Anatomy Lab, Health and Performance Centre and Advanced Analysis Centre. The international reputation of both of the Departments through which this major is offered makes Guelph an outstanding choice for your undergraduate studies in Bio-Medical Science. 

This program will not only prepare you for most professional programs such as medicine, veterinary science, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, teaching, chiropractic, physiotherapy and naturopathic medicine, it will prepare you for life. Our aim is to give you the opportunity and ultimately the confidence to succeed in any field of science.

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Information regarding research and faculty involved in the Biomedical Science major can be found on both the Departments of Biomedical Science and Human Health and Nutritional Sciences websites.

Information about what students have done with the Bio-Medical Science major can be found on the Career Services website.

A complete listing of all courses required for this major can be found in the Schedule of Studies located in the Undergraduate Calendar.