Regular and Co-op

An honours degree in Chemistry will provide you with the breadth of knowledge as well as analytical and problem solving skills to tackle a variety of career options ranging from materials science and chemical synthesis to forensic analysis, pure research, or teaching. During your studies at Guelph you will experience excellent teaching from internationally recognized faculty. In upper level courses, the class size is small, allowing for extensive interaction with your professor. The Chemistry Department is the home of a vibrant Chemistry Club which allows you to experience the richness of the discipline and even participate in the annual Chemistry “Magic” show. Chemistry can be taken with a co-op option, if you desire, giving you valuable industrial experience as your degree program progresses. The laboratory facilities that you will experience are excellent and are now housed in the new Science Complex on campus. In fourth year, you will have the option of enrolling in research courses (for credit) where, instead of the traditional classroom setting, you will be doing research with a professor working on a current research project. Overall, Chemistry at Guelph will be an exciting and fulfilling start to your career. Graduates from this program have gone on to become doctors, dentists, forensic chemists, sales representatives for scientific supply companies, researchers and even the owners of such companies as Labtronics and Wellington Laboratories.

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