Physical Science

By choosing the Physical Science program, you have the flexibility to combine courses from different areas into one degree providing you with a broad knowledge base with which to pursue future endeavours. This self-directed program will allow you to combine subject areas in the physical sciences such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, computing, geography, geology and meteorology with subjects of interest outside the physical sciences. It is even possible to combine them with a minor in the arts or social sciences.  You have the option of remaining in this major or transferring to a more specific major after first year. The Physical Science major allows you the opportunity to complete entrance requirements for many professional schools.  Guelph is known for its extensive support of first and second year students through learning groups, help rooms, and on-line materials for many of the first and second year level courses in the sciences. In first year and beyond you will interact with award winning teachers fully committed to the quality of your education. Opportunities for undergraduate research exist in all programs and complement more traditional lectures and tutorials throughout your program of study.

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A complete listing of all courses required for this major can be found in the Schedule of Studies located in the Undergraduate Calendar.