Program Counsellors

Program Counsellors (ie: Academic Advisors) are here to help you succeed academically. If you are ever unsure of who to contact for information about the B.Sc degree program, contact your Program Counsellor (please see the section 'Who is your Program Counsellor' to determine the appropriate Program Counsellor for your major). Your Program Counsellor is someone who is there to assist you while you are a student at the University of Guelph, and can assist you in many ways. Here's a few:

  • Provide information about switching majors, adding a minor, transferring degree requirements
  • Assistance in selecting courses for students who are eligible to continue, on probation, or transfer students
  • Discuss personal issues that may be affecting your academic success
  • Receive requests for deferring final exams
  • Provide information about academic consideration
  • Clarification of degree requirements
  • Interpretation of university policies and procedures
  • Information about a letter of permission, credit for courses taken on a semester abroad, and transfer credits

Please contact your B.Sc. Program Counsellor for further details.

Faculty Advisors

Your Faculty Advisor plays a significant role once you have selected your area of specialization. They are there to provide:

  • Transcript evaluations for graduation - ie: Grad Checks
  • Specific course information for majors and minors
  • Information about specializations within majors
  • Course substitutions
  • Career opportunities

Please see this list of B.Sc. Faculty Advisors for majors and minors within the B.Sc. degree program. A list of Faculty Advisor for majors/minors outside the B.Sc. program (eg. B.A.) are available from the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre.

Career Advisors

Your Career Advisor is uniquely qualified to provide support that will help you embark on your career journey.

The support offered can help you make informed choices that can positively affect your career, including:

  • Improved understanding of skills and strengths;
  • Understanding of future education options; and
  • Stronger job search strategies.

Please see the list of  B.Sc. Career Advisors for your major.

To book an appointment with your Career Advisor, login to your Experience Guelph account and, in the left hand menu, click on "Career" and then "Appointments".