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Guelph’s Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program offers you access to some of the world’s most respected research scientists and educators, as well as outstanding research and teaching facilities.

Below you can find news and important updates for current University of Guelph students as well as links for future and current students to explore more about the Bachelor of Science at the University of Guelph. 

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News & Important Updates

  • Update #2! Students registered in PHYS 1300 section 03 (evening lecture) should contact bscweb@uoguelph.ca for assistance in registering for MATH 1080.

  • Welcome New Students! Most new B.Sc. students coming to U of G straight from high school (without transfer credits) will begin registering for Fall 24 courses on Friday, July 5, 2024 at 8:00 AM. If all sections of a required course are full shortly after the course selection window first opens, please just continue to monitor WebAdvisor as it may take some time for additional spaces to open. Please carefully follow the instructions given in the B.Sc. section of the Registration Guide for New Students. You may also find helpful information posted on our First Semester Elective page.

  • The B.Sc. Academic Counselling Centre will begin taking a waitlist for BIOL 2060, BIOL 2400, MBG 2040 and ZOO 2090. Please see the Course Selection Updates and Waitlist section of our Course Selection Information page to complete an online form to be added to the waitlists (posted June 28, 3:25 PM).

  • The Fall 24 Course Selection period gets underway on June 18, 2024 according to the number of credits completed and in progress. Please see our Course Selection Information page for updates on course additions, cancellations, restrictions, waitlists and special registration instructions.

  • Answers to some common questions that we receive regarding the Student Planning system may be found on our Student Planning page.

  • Please refer to the University of Guelph Healthy Campus page.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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About the B.Sc. Degree Program

The B.Sc. program challenges students to develop their critical thinking skills, enhance their understanding of the scientific method, and refine their ability to problem solve all while providing student's access to some of the world's most respected research scientists and facilities. 

The Bachelor of Science is offered as a four-year Honours degree (BSCH) or a three-year General (BSCG) degree. The Honours Bachelor of Science program offers 27 different majors to choose from over eight academic semesters. The general program is completed over minimum of six semesters, with no specific majors or minors.


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