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Guelph’s Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program offers you access to some of the world’s most respected research scientists and educators, as well as outstanding research and teaching facilities.

This dynamic degree program prepares students for entry in to professional programs such as human or veterinary medicine, rehabilitation sciences such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy or dentistry, pharmacy or optometry. Our students are also well prepared to enter into research at the graduate level and pursue careers with governmental and for-profit organizations. 

Please see the Admission Services website for full admission requirements to the B.Sc. program.

What are you interested in?

Please note that admission to the following majors is currently suspended (2023/24): Biodiversity, Biological & Medical Physics, Chemical Physics, Environmental Biology, Environmental Geomatics, Nanoscience, Theoretical Physics.
Update! The previous susupension on the Plant Science major has now been lifted (December 2023).

The Bachelor of Science offers 19 different majors to choose from including 13 majors with a co-op option (2023/24). 

Please follow the links below for further information regarding each of our majors.

B.Sc. Honours Majors - Major Focused in the Area of Biological Science


B.Sc. Honours - Majors Focused in the Area of Physical Science




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If you are in the Honours program, you also have the option of declaring a minor in science or non-science subjects (but a minor is not required). You do not declare a minor when you apply to the University of Guelph - but you can do so at any time once you have begun your studies. You may want to talk to the Faculty Advisor for the minor or your Program Counsellor before you do declare a minor.

Biological sciences:

Mathematical sciences

Physical sciences:

Environmental sciences:

Additional minors:

The following Liberal Education minors are available:


Not sure what you want out of your degree?

The Bachelor of Science offers a general degree option that gives you flexibility in your education and an expedited graduation. View the comparison between the B.Sc. General degree versus the B.Sc. Honours degree:

B. Sc. General Degree

  • 15 credits,  ~3 years
  • Flexible
  • Access to same types of courses as Honours degree
  • Would meet the minimum degree requirements for some professional school programs*




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B. Sc. Honours

  • 20 credits ~ 4 years
  • Major is declared (e.g. Animal Biology, Physics, Bio-Medical Science, Chemistry, Biological Science)
  • Minor can be added to the degree
  • Co-op is an option for majors with Co-op
  • Increased number of 3000 and 4000 level credits
  • Required to go on to graduate work e.g. Master"s and Ph.D.
  • Would meet minimum degree requirements for all professional programs *


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*Students are responsible to review and ensure that appropriate pre-requisite courses are completed within their degree to meet the necessary admission requirements for professional program(s) they wish to apply to. The B.Sc. general and honours degrees do not automatically include all pre-requisite courses needed to apply to all professional programs.