Applying to Graduate

If you wish to graduate, you must submit an application by the required deadline (see below). The application may be completed on-line through WebAdvisor, or the required paper form and instructions may be downloaded from the Office of Registrarial Services Downloads, Forms & Documents (look under the 'Forms for Undergraduate Students Only' section).

Deadlines for Application

Applications are normally submitted early in the final semester, and all students should receive an email from the Registrar's Office inviting them to apply to graduate (please note that this email does not imply that all graduation requirements have been met, just that you are eligible to apply). Please see the Schedule of Dates in the Undergraduate Calendar for specific deadlines.

If you miss the deadline to apply to graduate, you may be able to submit a late application, although a Late Graduation Fee will be charged. Please contact the Convocation Co-ordinator to determine if a late application is still possible. You do have the option of waiting until the next convocation ceremony to avoid the late fee.

When is Convocation?

Formal Convocation ceremonies are held on two occasions throughout the year: mid-October and early-June (please refer to the Schedule of Dates, link given above). The last February ceremonies were held in 2019, and are no longer available. Students finishing their degree requirements in the Fall semester may have their degree shipped to them during the Winter semester, and are welcome to attend the June ceremonies.

Qualifying for Graduation

Graduation checks:

You should contact your Faculty Advisor for a graduation check at least the semester before your final semester. If you have any questions or concerns about qualifying for graduation you should address your concern to your Faculty Advisor and/or your Program Counsellor.

You can check that you meet all program requirements using your "My Progress" tab in WebAdvisor. By reviewing your progress, you can determine if you still have outstanding course requirements or elective requirements and address these issues prior to applying for graduation. Please note that the "Progress" bar is often inaccurate.

Notification dates:

Graduation applications are given a preliminary review in mid-semester. If you have dropped a course since applying, or do not meet the course or credit requirements for graduation, you will be notified by email. Only students who are not eligible to graduate will be notified at this point. A final review of graduation applications is then made after all course grades have been posted at the end of the semester. Students who are approved to graduate will receive instructions after the clearance to graduate date (see Schedule of Dates). The graduation application process (from application to final approval) is quite lengthy, so please be patient.

If you have any questions or concerns about qualifying for graduation or degree requirements for graduation, please contact your Faculty Advisor or Program Counsellor.

Confirmation of Degree Completion

If you require a letter stating that you have completed your degree, and your convocation ceremony has already taken place, please contact the Convocation Clerk for proof of graduation. This applies regardless if you were present at your convocation ceremony or not. If the actual ceremony has not yet taken place but you do qualify to graduate and need proof that you have completed your degree requirements, please contact your Program Counsellor.