BIOL 3650 - Introduction to Athletic Therapy

Do you have an interest in Athletic Therapy and Sports Injuries?

BIOL 3650 – Intro to Athletic Therapy is very applied in nature and will provide students with hands-on, practical experience with the basic tools and assessments used by Athletic Therapists. To maximize the experience, class size is capped at a maximum of 40 students.

Successful completion of this course will also prepare students to be competitive in securing a Student Trainer position assigned to a varsity team in the following academic year. Student Trainers will have the opportunity to be on the field for practices and games, applying what you have learned in the classroom such as tape techniques, injury recognition/care, corrective exercise and athlete preparation for practices and games. The Student Trainer experience can count towards course credit if structured under the BIOL 3660: Internship in Biological Science. As such, priority enrolment in BIOL 3650 – Intro to Athletic Therapy, will be given to 2nd and 3rd year students (i.e. returning students) wishing to continue their involvement with Athletic Therapy through BIOL 3660: Internship in Biological Science as a Student Trainer for a UoG Varsity Team.

Any interested students should complete this application form and email it directly to the course instructor – Dave Wright ( prior to applicant deadline of Monday November 6, 2023. Successful applicants will be notified by email no later than Friday November 10, 2023 in order for you to plan your course selection appropriately.

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