Microbiology Majors - Course Changes Effective Fall 20

Some changes are taking place to a few senior level MICR courses that will come into effect beginning with the Fall 2020 semester (and onward).

Two previously required courses will no longer be offered:

MBG*3080 – Bacterial Genetics (previously offered in the Fall semester)
MICR*3260 – Microbial Adaptation (previously offered in the Winter semester)

Two new courses will replace MBG*3080 and MICR*3260:

MICR*3240 – Microbial Physiology and Genetics - offered in the Fall semester
MICR*3280 – Microbial Cell Biology - offered in the Fall semester

The following scenarios will provide further information on how to proceed, if you are affected by these changes.

  • If you have completed both MBG*3080 and MICR*3260 - no action is necessary, as the requirement is complete.
  • If you have not completed both MBG*3080 and MICR*3260 - take both MICR*3240 and MICR*3280 in the Fall semester.
  • If you have completed MBG*3080, but not MICR*3260 - take MICR*3240 in the Fall semester. The B.Sc. Academic Counselling Centre will process a restriction waiver to get you registered in the course, assuming the necessary prerequisites have been met. Please email bscweb@uoguelph.ca with your full name and Student ID number to request registration.
  • If you have not completed MBG*3080, but have completed MICR*3260 - take MICR*3280 in the Fall semester. You should be able to register using WebAdvisor as usual, assuming the necessary prerequisites have been met.

Please also note that MICR*4520 (previously on the list of Restricted Electives for the major) has also be cancelled. Four additional MBG courses have now been added as acceptable options for Restricted Electives: MBG*3040, MBG*4040, MBG*4110 and MBG*4240.