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In the panel to the right, you can find the required high school subjects required for all B.Sc. majors, including co-op majors.

For students outside of Ontario, including International students, please see the Admissions website for specific course equivalencies.   


Required Credits

  • English
  • Advanced Functions or Calculus
  • 2 of Grade 12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 2 other Grade 12 University or Mixed courses

Ontario Curriculum

  • English - ENG4U
  • MHF4U - Advanced Functions or MCV4U - Calculus & Vectors
  • 2 courses from 4U Biology, Chemistry, Physics (SBI4U, SCH4U, SPH4U)**
  • 2 additional 4U or 4M credits

** all three sciences are recommended

  • If no Grade 12 or 4U Chemistry (or equivalent), then you must take CHEM 1060 in your first semester
  • If no Grade 12 or 4U Physics (or equivalent), then you must take PHYS 1300 in your first semester
  • If no Grade 12 or 4U Physics and you are in a physical science major (math, physics, chemistry etc) then you must take PHYS 1300 and MATH 1200 in your first semester in place of IPS*1500
  • If no Grade 12 or 4U biology, you would be advised to contact your Program Counsellor for further advice

Specific majors within the B.Sc. degree require calculus to meet the mathematical science admission requirement. See below which mathematics course is required for which major.

Majors that Require

  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry*
  • Biological and Medical Physics*
  • Chemical Physics*
  • Chemistry*
  • Environmental Geomatics*
  • Mathematical Science
  • Nanoscience*
  • Physical Science
  • Physics*
  • Theoretical Physics

Majors that Require
Advanced Functions

  • Animal Biology
  • Biochemistry*
  • Biodiversity
  • Bio-Medical Science
  • Biological Science
  • Biomedical Toxicology*
  • Environmental Biology
  • Food Science*
  • Human Kinetics
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology*
  • Microbiology*
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics*
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences
  • Plant Science*(pending Senate Approval)
  • Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  • Zoology

*Indicates a co-op option exists for this major.

Please see University of Guelph Admission Requirements on the Admission Services website for further details including out-of-province and international admission requirements.

How to Apply

Any student who wishes to apply to the University of Guelph will need to apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre website.


Deadlines to Apply

Please check out the University of Guelph Admission’s website for more information regarding application deadlines

Admissions Plan

Check out how the University of Guelph will review your application, calculate your admission average and when we will send out our offers by viewing our admission plan.


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Transferring from another school?


Students wishing to transfer to the B.Sc. degree from another university or a college are required to meet the minimum admission requirements from high school (see tables listed above). These requirements can be met through the completion of the applicable high school credit or the equivalent or higher-level course completed at the university or college level.

If the student did not complete Advanced Functions in high school but did complete an equivalent course at the university they are transferring from, admissions can use the grade from the university level course when evaluating the student’s application to transfer.

Students are encouraged to check out the admissions website (external transfer) for specific admission requirements and deadlines for the program they are applying to. 

Please note that transfer applications have different deadlines than high school applications.

View Application Deadlines

Applying to Co-Op?


Co-op programs traditionally have a higher admission average than the non-co-op major. Students who apply to major with co-op and who do not meet the cut-off average for co-op will automatically be considered for the non-co-op option of the chosen major.

Students not admitted directly to the co-op option from high school can apply to switch into co-op once they are at the University Guelph. Students interested in switching would be directed to connect with Co-op services in their first semester to check application deadlines and requirements. Full details on how to apply to co-op, once at the University of Guelph can be found on the Experiential Learning Hub’s website.

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Girl in lab smiling

Applying For Bio-Medical Science, Human Kinetics, or Animal Biology?


Students who do not meet the cut-off averages for the Animal Biology, Bio-Medical Science or Human Kinetics major will automatically be considered for the Biological Science major.

Students can apply to switch into either of three majors once they are on campus. Full details on how to switch into these majors can be found in the undergraduate calendar.

Please note that Bio-Medical science has a continuation requirement that all students admitted into the major from high school must meet at the end of the first year of study.