Biological and Medical Physics

Regular and Co-op


Biological and Medical Physics is an exciting interdisciplinary field where the methods of physical science are applied to questions of biology and medicine. The study of biological and medical physics attempts to understand the chaos of living systems using the controlled science of physics. Biological physics plays a vital role in understanding physiological processes important for human health while medical physics provides the background for many advanced clinical tools. Courses in the honours biological and medical physics program at the University of Guelph include physics, biochemistry, mathematics, genetics, and molecular biology. During your studies at Guelph you will receive excellent teaching from internationally recognized faculty that welcome and encourage interaction with students. Guelph is known for its extensive student support through learning groups, help rooms, and on-line materials for many courses in the sciences. Biological and medical physics can be taken with a co-op option, giving you valuable industrial experience as your degree program progresses. In fourth year, you will have the option of enrolling in research courses (for credit) where, instead of the traditional classroom setting, you will be doing research with a professor working on a current research project. Upon completion of your degree, many career options will be available to you. A biological and medical physics degree can lead graduates towards careers in teaching or research, as well as in clinical settings. Research careers may be at academic institutions such as universities, medical centers, government labs, or pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies. Other career opportunities exist in regulation or public policy at provincial or federal government or private organizations. Graduates have gone on to pursue careers at such places as St. Joseph’s Hospital, Metrophotonics Inc., and NASA.

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