Environmental Geomatics

The Environmental Geomatics (EG) major focuses on developing an understanding of the complex physical and chemical processes operating on the surface of the earth, including rivers, sediment transport and weather patterns. The EG major not only trains students to understand these processes, but also to apply their knowledge to improving the health of the environment and the quality of human life. Courses in the major provide a firm theoretical background in the dynamics of earth environments and rigorous training in practical laboratory techniques and instrumentation.  Field courses held in remote locations as well as shorter local field trips develop valuable skills such as mapping, rock identification and measurement of river processes. There is sufficient flexibility in the program for students to pursue the development of skills in complementary fields such as GIS and remote sensing, ecology and environmental management. EG graduates are qualified to work as environmental consultants, as scientists in governments agencies, in natural resources exploration (groundwater, minerals, oil and gas), or to pursue graduate studies in related fields. 

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