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Mathematical Science

Mathematical science is the application of mathematics and statistics to understanding and solving problems faced in every field of science, arts and industry.

What's Unique?


Mathematicians and statisticians are hired in many industries, and studying mathematical science allows students to gain both technical and practical training. Within the Mathematical Science major, students can customize their studies by choosing an area of emphasis in economics or computer science, and individualize your major in mathematical science by applying mathematical reasoning and statistical analysis.

The University of Guelph strongly believes in a personal approach to education. The major has small class sizes to support student learning from internationally renowned, award-winning faculty and researchers.

What Students Are Saying About Mathematical Sciences at the University of Guelph:

Sophie’s Perspective:

"When I first visited I felt that both the city and the University were inspiring places to be. I really appreciated the initiatives taken to be mindful of the health of students, the community and our planet. My favourite thing about the University of Guelph is the people and the food! There is a lot happening on campus, after 4 years here I am still constantly surprised with new initiatives, clubs and other interesting things happening on campus."

Alex Carreiro
Mathematical Sciences

Meet Jenny:

Program Details 

After first year, students will have two ways to customize their degree program to suit their interests and career goals.

  • Choose either a mathematics or statistics stream. This decision does not have to be made until students have had a chance to take multiple courses in both fields.
  • Choose an area of emphasis. This is an opportunity to continue studies in another subject and to see how mathematics and statistics are applied to real-world problems in that field (see below for a list of possible options).
  • Numerical Methods
  • Applied Differential Equations
  • Applied Regression Analysis

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Admission Requirements

~80 - 83%* average 

  • 12U English
  • Calculus and Vectors
  • 2 courses from: 12U Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • 2 additional 12U or M courses.

All three sciences are recommended

Please note that admission cut-offs stated above is an approximate based on previous years applicant pool. This cut-off range will vary from year-to-year and can be higher or lower based on the applicant pool. Meeting the minimum average does not guarantee an offer of admission. Admissions averages are calculated using the six required courses. 

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Select, implement and interpret appropriate mathematical models to explain real-world phenomena
  • Apply analytical, numerical and computational mathematical methods to other fields and in particular to the chosen area of emphasis
  • Apply descriptive and inferential statistical methods to other fields and in particular to the chosen area of emphasis.
  • Demonstrate a command of the foundations of mathematical and statistical models, and an understanding of the limitations and uncertainties associated with these models.
  • Exhibit proficiency in calculus, algebra, statistics, and other fields of mathematical endeavour.
  • Use appropriate software to carry out mathematical and statistical analyses.

Career Options

Mathematicians and statisticians work in many fields and industries to analyze, understand and improve the world around us. A degree in mathematics and statistics at the University of Guelph positions students as strong candidates for the many organizations seeking graduates with a strong understanding of mathematics and statistics who can make valuable real-world contributions.


What our Alumni are working as:


Data Scientist


Environmental Scientist

Market Researcher

Public Health Analyst



Mathematical Sciences is supported by the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

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