Scholarships:  In-course Students

Dean's Honour List:

The Dean's Honour List is based on your semester average. The recognition is noted for each semester on your official University of Guelph transcript. Criteria can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Students in College of Biological Science majors please note that the college does not award any automatic scholarships to students who achieve the 80.0% minimum required for the Dean's Honour List.

CBS College Roll of Distinction:

For students registered in majors offered by the College of Biological Science, recipients of the CBS College Roll of Distinction will receive a certificate for their accomplishment. To be considered for the Roll of Distinction, effective the Winter 2022 semester, you must have achieved a cumulative average of 90.0% or greater in semester six or higher.

Students who are full time (course load of 2.5 credits) and achieve an 85.0% average in consecutive semesters are also automatically considered for the CBS Dean's Scholarships.

In-course B.Sc. Scholarships:

For up-to-date information on Scholarships & Awards that are available to B.Sc. students, please visit the official Scholarships & Awards section at Student Financial Services. A comprehensive on-line Search Feature is also available for your convenience.