Schedule of Studies (Revised)

Students sitting and lying down on Johnston Green in the spring/summer

Note to New Students. All B.Sc. students who have not taken Grade 12 Physics will take a course in the fundamentals of physics (PHYS 1300) in Semester 1. Please see the revised Schedule of Studies for your major, listed in the menu on the right. Once students have completed PHYS 1300, they will then take PHYS 1080 in Semester 2. Students who have completed PHYS 1300, do not need to take PHYS 1070 (which is taken in Semester 2 only by students who have taken Grade 12 Physics).

For students that are admitted without one of the other senior high school science courses - Biology or Chemistry - a Grade 12 equivalent course is taken in Semester 1.

For example, if you did not complete Grade 12 high school Chemistry (in Ontario, this would be SCH4U) you would then take CHEM 1060 in Semester 1.

If you did not take Grade 12 Biology, students would take BIOL 1020 (but please consult with your Program Counsellor first if you did not take Grade 12 Biology).

The university-level required courses in Biology or Chemistry are then normally completed in Semester 2 and Semester 3. This will result in a change to the usual Schedule of Studies. Most majors, however, include sufficient elective space in each semester to easily accommodate the additional course.

Please note: one Grade 12 equivalent course (ie: one of BIOL 1020 or CHEM 1060) may be applied towards the B.Sc. degree as 0.5 credits in Science Electives (or Free Electives). Therefore, students admitted from high school who are taking a Grade 12 equivalent course are not behind in their degree requirements, since the course may be used as an elective. The former PHYS 1020 was a Grade 12 equivalent course in Physics that is no longer offered.

Please contact your Program Counsellor if you have additional questions, especially if you are lacking a high school course in the area in which you intend to major.