Chemical Physics

Students who lack Grade 12 Biology

The BIOL 1070, 1080 and 1090 courses are designed so that students should be successful even if they have not taken Grade 12 (4U) biology. You can register directly in BIOL 1070/1080/1090 according to your Schedule of Studies. This assumes that you have successfully completed Grade 11 biology.

There is a Grade 12 (4U) biology equivalent course which is BIOL 1020. This does not count as a first year biology course since it is equivalent to Grade 12. If you take BIOL 1020, you still need to take two of BIOL 1070, BIOL 1080 or BIOL 1090. BIOL 1020 would then be applied as an elective.

If you register for BIOL 1070/1080/1090, and find that the material is overwhelming, there is time to switch to BIOL 1020 during the first week of classes.

If you choose to take BIOL 1020, please contact your Program Counsellor for advice on how to best modify your Schedule of Studies.

Please contact your Program Counsellor for further questions.