First Semester Electives for New Students

The Majority of Majors in the B.Sc. Program Take a Liberal Education Elective (0.5 credits) in First Semester

New students often wonder which courses are the "best" to take. In fact, there is no "best" option. An elective is just that - an elective! Take what interests you.

Please see below for a small list of 'popular' choices that are taken by many B.Sc. students - it is provided only as a guide, and should not be considered comprehensive (see link below for the complete list).

Students are welcome to choose any course on the complete Liberal Education list for B.Sc. students, as long as you are able to register (ie: as long as the course has space available, is being offered in the Fall 18 semester, is not restricted to students in certain majors, and any necessary prerequisites are met). Please note that in previous years, this list was referred to as the "Arts or Social Science Elective" list (so that terminology may still be in general usage).

There are many courses to choose from. New students would normally select a first-year course (1000 level, sometimes referred to as 100 level), as higher level courses often require prerequisites to be taken first.

Students are advised to register for their required Science courses first (they take priority) and then schedule the elective around the required courses.

The B.Sc. Academic Counselling Centre cannot help students register for an elective course that is full or restricted. Our office has no influence on non-science courses. If your preferred elective is full, please continue to monitor WebAdvsior regularly to see if a space becomes available. In the meantime, it would be wise to register for an alternate course.

First Year Seminars are listed under the UNIV 1200 course code. Each section has a different topic, and you register for just one section. All sections - regardless of topic - are used as a Liberal Education elective. Students are advised that only one First Year Seminar may be taken - you cannot take a First Year Seminar in first semester, and then take another in second semester.

If you click on the course codes below, you will be taken directly to the Course Description given in the Undergraduate Calendar (an important resource for all students).

Popular Choices for First Semester Arts or Social Science Elective

ANTH 1120 - Biological Anthropology
ANTH 1150 - Introduction to Anthropology
ARTH 1510 - Art Historical Studies I
ECON 1050 - Introductory Microeconomics
ENGL 1030 - Effective Writing
ENGL 1200 - Reading the Contemporary World
FREN 1xxx - French Studies (exact course depends on ability)
GEOG 1220 - Human Impact on the Environment - available in-class (section 01 or 02) and on-line (section DE01)
SPAN 1100 - Introductory Spanish
HIST 1xxx - History (four to choose from)
PHIL 1xxx - Philosophy (three to choose from)
SOC 1100 - Sociology - available in-class (section 01 or 02) and on-line (section DE01)
SOC 1500 - Crime and Criminal Justice
UNIV 1200 - Various Topics (First Year Seminars)